The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company and he is also a Director of ERL Board. General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Asstt. General Manager and other Executives & Staff under them assist him. Management style is, by and large, participative. Management pursues its goal of maintaining commercial competitiveness by motivating officers/employees to work as a member of ERL family.

ERL Organogram


ERL has a manpower strength of 695 (officers-196, workers-499) as on September, 2017. The core of this manpower is formed with well-educated, trained and professionally proficient people. ERL management has always given utmost importance to the quality of manpower and management excellence through HRD.

Manpower Present Status (September 2017)
Staff /Worker
Probationary Engineer
Management Professionals
Temporary Officer
Temporary worker

Important Contact Persons

  Name  Designation Ext.  Email
Engr. Md. Akterul Haque Managing Director, Project Director (ERL Unit-II) 110 md-office@erl.com.bd
Engr. Kh. Mustafizur Rahman General Manager (Engineering & Services) 310 mustafiz@erl.com.bd
Engr. Md. Lokman General Manager (Personnel & Admin) 500 lokman@erl.com.bd
Engr. Md. Rashed Kawsar General Manager (Commercial) 410 rashedkawsar@erl.com.bd
Engr. Anwar Sadat General Manager (Development & Control) 240 anwarsadat@erl.com.bd
Engr. Mamun Al-Islam Deputy General Manager (Management Information System) 230 mamun@erl.com.bd
Engr. Shafiqul Islam Deputy General Manager (Materials) 370 shafiq@erl.com.bd
Engr. Md. Zahidul Islam Deputy General Manager (Quality Control) 270 zahidul@erl.com.bd
Engr. Rayhan Ahmed Deputy General Manager (Operations) 130 rayhan@erl.com.bd
Engr. Sharif Hasnat Deputy General Manager, Project Director (SPM) 620 hasnat@erl.com.bd
DR. Md. Abu Taher Chief Medical Officer 590 rayhan@erl.com.bd
Mr. Lutfor Rahman Deputy General Manager (Personnel) 520 personnel@erl.com.bd
Mr. Rashed Chowdhury Deputy General Manager (Adminstration) 250
Engr. Md. Amir Masud Deputy General Manager (Development) 430 ameer_masud@erl.com.bd
Engr. Shahirul Hasan Deputy General Manager (Finance and Accounts) 620
Mr. Abdullah Al Mobin Chy Deputy General Manager (Audit) 650
Engr. Md. Tajul Islam Deputy General Manager (Electric & Instrument) 340
Engr. Md. Jamil Al Mamun Deputy General Manager (Secondary Conversion Plant) 160 jamil@erl.com.bd
Engr. Enamul Hoq Deputy General Manager (Maintenance) 320 enamul@erl.com.bd
MR. A.M.M. Myeen Uddin Mazumder Company Secretary 641 companysecretary@erl.com.bd
* Please Dial 031-2501261-7 then dial the corresponding extension number given above to reach the person of interest.

সংশ্লিষ্ট দরপত্র সিডিউলে বর্ণিত শর্তাবলী মোতাবেক উল্লিখিত কোল্ড রোল্ড স্টীল শীটের স্ক্র্যাপ ,স্পুল, টপ কভার শীট, সাইড কভার/কর্ণার কভার ও স্ট্রিপস বিক্রয়ের জন্য ইস্টার্ন রিফাইনারী লিমিটেড কর্তৃক এতদ্বারা প্রকৃত ক্রেতাদের নিকট হতে সীলমোহরযুক্ত দরপত্র আহ্বান করা হচ্ছে . Closing Date: 06-02-2018
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ইস্টার্ণ রিফাইনারী লিমিটেড (ইআরএল) এ সিভিল শাখার সংশ্লিষ্ট কাজে অভিজ্ঞতা সম্পন্ন আগ্রহী ঠিকাদারদের নিকট হইতে নির্ধারিত সিডিউল এ সীলমোহরকৃত দরপত্র আহ্বান করা যাচ্ছে।Closing Date: 31-01-2018
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Tender Invitation for goods ERL Carbon Steel Pipe, Infrared Thermal imaging Camera and Flexible Drain Pipe for floating Roof Tank. Closing Date: 14-02-2018
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Tender Invitation for Supply, Installation and Comissioning of CCTV System and Smart Door Lock System,Half Leather hand Gloves,Various Fire Extinguisher,S. S. Deep Measuring Tape with Inage Bob,Ceiling fan,Automatic Salt in Crude Analyzer,Various ASTM Thermometer, Heating Immersion Circulator and Conductivity Meter & TDS Meter with necessary Probes. Closing Date: 31-01-2018
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Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a Cooling Tower(4000 m3/hr) at Eastern Refinery Limited, Chittagong on Turn Key basis
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Tender Invitation of Various goods like Caustic Soda (NaOH),Physical Form: Flakes or Pearl,Split type Air Conditioner (Wall mounted),Capacity: 2.0 Ton (24000BTU/HR) And 1.5 Ton (18000BTU/HR) each,Public Address System for Training Center Seminar Room,Projector, Projector Celling Mount Kit and Projector Screen with Installation,3 Phase Oil Immersed and Naturally Air Cooled Transformer,Navy Blue Drill And White Drill Cloth and Portable Flue Gas Analyzer
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Recruitment Result of different post has been published. Download Notice:
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Written exam result and interview notice for the post of Accounts Assistant and Junior Computer Typist has been published.
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International Tender Invitation of Electronic Transmitter and Spares for Air Compressor; Manufacturer: Burton Corblin, France. Closing Date: 12-12-2017
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Laboratory Test Prices are updated
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News & Events
40thAnnual General Meeting held on 02ndAug, 2017

Eid-e-Miladunnabi (SAW) has been observed at ERL on 19thJanuary, 2017

Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Technip for the installation of ERL unit-2 on 18thJanuary, 2017
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Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau for the installation of Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline on 08thDecember, 2016
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MOI signed between BPC and EIL for Project Management Consultancy for ERL Unit 2 on 19th April, 2016
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Finished Products

Finished Products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand.


Physical Facilities

Refinery went on-stream with three Processing Units namely:
  Crude Distillation Unit,
  Catalytic Reforming Unit
  Hydrodesulphurization Unit




Tender Information

    Local Tender:
  •  Goods: 11
  •  Works: 02
  • Foreign Tender:
  •  Goods: 04
  •  Works: 00
  • EOI:
  •  Consultancy Service: 00

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Lab Testing

ERL has an well Equipped Quality Control Lab for ensuring best quality products. It also provides outsider the facilities for the following test: