Project Name Installation of Single Point Mooring (SPM) with Double Pipe Line
Sponsoring Ministry/Division Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources/ Energy and Mineral Resources Division
Executing Agency Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL) (On behalf of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC))
Objectives of the Project 1. Simplify and accelerate imported crude oil and finished products unolading process
2. Shortening crude oil and HSD unolading time
3. Lowering the unloading cost of imported crude oil and finished products by eliminating lightering process
4. Increasing Crude Oil processing capacity to meet increased demand of the country
5. Construction of a tank farm at Maheshkhali as an emergency oil storage backup
6. Increasing finished product stroage gacilites to ensure energy security of the country
Project in Brief The single point mooring will be located at the West side of Maheshkhali Island where 27 M depth is available, which is sufficient for docking a large tanker of 120,000 DWT. Unloading of crude oil and HSD from single point mooring will be done through two separate Ø36” pipelines (Offshore and Onshore) and will be stored into the storage tanks at Maheshkahli. Crude oil and HSD from there will be pumped to ERL through two separate Ø18” pipelines (Offshore and Onshore). Two separate lines for crude oil and HSD will eliminate significant product loss due to contamination if transported through single pipeline and ensure efficient and continuous transport of designed quantity of each product along the entire transport chain. This is a backward linkage project to the project "Installation of ERL Unit-2". Implementation of this project is pre-requisite for “Installation of ERL Unit-2” project.
Total Estimated Project Cost 493597.35 (Approx.) Lakh Taka
Importance of this Project This project will provide huge savings of foreign currency. Upon commissioning & operation net savings of foreign currency will be more than 100 Million USD (Tk 78000.00 Lakh) per year.
Project Implementation Period 01 November 2015 to 31 December 2018
Project Management Consultant ILF Consulting Engineers, Germany
EPC Contractor China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP)

Key Features of SPM with Double Pipe Line

  • SPM & PLEM System with double flow path
  • Offshore Pipeline System
  •        36” Diameter (2 Pipe Lines): Length = 18 Km (approx.)
           18” Diameter (2 Pipe Lines): Length = 128 Km (approx.)
  • Onshore Pipeline System
  •        36” Diameter (2 Pipe Lines): Length = 14 Km (approx.)
           18” Diameter (2 Pipe Lines): Length = 60 Km (approx.)
           Total Pipeline Length = 220 km (approx.)
  • Land Terminal End at Matarbari & Gahira
  • Crossings: Matarbari Channel, Matarbari Village & Karnaphuli river Crossings by HDD method
  • Block Valve Stations: 03 numbers
  • SCADA & Communication system
  • Pump Station & Tank Farm (PSTF):
  •        1. 03 numbers Crude Oil Tank (each of net capacity 50,000 m³)
           2. 03 numbers HSD Tank (each of net capacity 30,000 m³)
           3. Main Pumps, Booster Pumps & Other Pumps
           4. Generator for Power supply
           5. Housing facilities
           6. Administration and other buildings
           7. Pigging System
           8. Custody Metering System
           9. Security system
           10. Fire Fighting system etc

eTender Notice Invitation: Supply of Horizontal Hydraulic (Hand Operated) Pipe Bending Machine. Last date 05-09-2018
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International Tender Invitation: HYDRAULIC ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE, CENTRIFUGAL PUMP....Last sell date 25-09-2018.
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Tender Invitation of Lawn Mower (Grass Cutting Machine). Last Sell Date 14-08-2018.
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Recruitment Notice of Viva has been published(02-08-2018).
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International Tender Invitation: AIR DRYER and ROCK WOOL WIRED INSULATION BLANKET.Last sell date 11-09-2018.
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eTender Invitation: Supply of Spare parts for hydrometer and viscometer and Supply of Spare parts for distillation ASTM D86.
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eTender Invitation of Supply Installation and Commissioning of Automatic Color Comparator Tinto-meter Glass cells ASTM Color filter and Saybolt Color filter.
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Laboratory Test Prices are updated
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News & Events
1968-2018, 50 years ceremony of Eastern Refinery Limited has been celebrated on 07thMay, 2018 at International Convention Center.
40thAnnual General Meeting held on 02ndAug, 2017

Eid-e-Miladunnabi (SAW) has been observed at ERL on 19thJanuary, 2017

Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and Technip for the installation of ERL unit-2 on 18thJanuary, 2017
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Contract Agreement signed between Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau for the installation of Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline on 08thDecember, 2016
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MOI signed between BPC and EIL for Project Management Consultancy for ERL Unit 2 on 19th April, 2016
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Finished Products

Finished Products

ERL produces 16 petroleum products including a few non-fuel products, namely, SBP, JBO, MTT, BITUMEN. Some of these products are produced only on demand.


Physical Facilities

Refinery went on-stream with three Processing Units namely:
  Crude Distillation Unit,
  Catalytic Reforming Unit
  Hydrodesulphurization Unit




Tender Information

    Local Tender:
  •  Goods: 00
  •  Works: 02
  • Foreign Tender:
  •  Goods: 00
  •  Works: 00
  • EOI:
  •  Consultancy Service: 00

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Lab Testing

ERL has an well Equipped Quality Control Lab for ensuring best quality products. It also provides outsider the facilities for the following test: