Annual Performance Agreement of ERL

Overview Of ERL APA 2018-19. Please download from here..

APA Committee

SL No Name Designation E-mail Download
01 MR. KH MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN General Manager (E & S) mustafiz@erl.com.bd APA Committee Formation Officer Order

02 MR. MD. LOKMAN General Manager (P & A) lokman@erl.com.bd
03 MR. RASHED KAWSAR General Manager (D & C) rashed@erl.com.bd
04 MR. ANWAR SADAT Deputy General Manager (P & S) anwarsadat@erl.com.bd
05 MR. MD. LUTFOR RAHMAN Deputy General Manager (Personnel) personnel@erl.com.bd
06 MR. MD. RASHED CHOWDHURY Deputy General Manager (Admin) rashedchow@gmail.com
07 MR. RAIHAN AHMAD Deputy General Manager (Operations) rayhan@erl.com.bd
08 MR. ENAMUL HAQUE Deputy General Manager (Maintenance) enamul@erl.com.bd